Parà Industrial Group is a family company founded in 1921 which for three generations has been producing textiles with outstanding aesthetic and technical qualities used for sun protection, indoor and outdoor furnishing accessories, and marine.

With its hallmark Italian style, Parà Group is present in a number of territories across Europe and the World, either directly or through distributors. Its constant capacity for innovation and the quality and distinctiveness of its products have made it one of the key players on the international market; this is proved by the fact that the fabrics of the Group has been selected from the President Barack Obama's family to decorate the White House internal.

Parà Group has won a reputation on the market as a manufacturer of high quality textiles, strictly "Made in Italy" with close monitoring of the entire production cycle, vertically integrated from the spinning to the weaving stages, from printing to dyeing, from coating through to finishing. Quality, style and service as well as ongoing investment in communication and marketing have earned Parà pride of place in the high-end segment.

With 6 manufacturing plants and significant market penetration, Parà Group is present in 3 specific business sectors: Sun protection, Indoor and outdoor furnishing accessories, and marine.

The Parà Industrial Group was founded in 1920 at the gateway to Milan. Today it is a leading Italian and European company in the manufacturing and sale of fabrics for indoor and outdoor decoration.

With five production centres and an elevated market penetration, the Group operates in three specific business sectors:
awnings, decorative fabrics for indoors and outdoors and marine fabrics.

Parà has over 90 years of experience in the textile industry, and we believe in the quality of our product that is checked and tested from the beginning to the end of the production process.
Our fully-vertical production cycle allows a very careful and strict quality control as all the activities are carried out under the careful supervision of Parà's experts, from spinning to weaving, printing to dyeing, coating to finishing, up to rolling and packaging.
The goal of Parà is to achieve excellence in terms of the quality of our products and service, in order to obtain the maximum satisfaction for our customers and for the final user. In order to support our quality philosophy, the company is certified UNI EN ISO 9001. 

Parà is a member of several trade associations operating at international and local level in the fields of sun protection, industry, textiles and marine products.

Our membership of these organizations gives us a unique opportunity to exchange precious experience, and to share knowledge and professional activities with other companies operating in the domestic and international market.