A sun awning is installed with the aim to protect people and environments from solar radiation. In fact, through the regulation of heat and light, allows the increase of the thermal comfort and visual protection. Sun awnings or solar shading systems in general, are installed also for reason of privacy, decoration or energy saving.

The fabric Tempotest must therefore meet the technical and stylistic requirements and are subjected to strict lab tests both during and after the production process. These tests will ensure the high performances required, which are then covered by warranty.

Parà is engaged in a process of implementation of quality, environmental protection, and health and safety across the company.

The inspiring philosophy is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the integrated system of company management, keeping updated, co-ordinating and checking all processes without forgetting our respect for people and the environment.

Solution dyed fabrics of the Tempotest lines offer an exceptional combination of strength and functionality. The Tempotest fabrics are studied with the idea and the intention to be strong, durable and resistant but not only.
The finishings that make them waterproof improve the already high performances and thanks to the treatment with nanometrical technologies they result to be stain resistant, easy to clean and require a minimal maintenance (but constant).

The search for quality is almost an obsession for Parà. To be at the highest level, Parà has been able to choose the best supplier in the market that have become real partners over the years. Important collaborations with companies of the highest level has led to the creation of special and exclusive products that Parà uses to reach the highest goals.

The quality of Parà is certified by the most respected authorities.