About Us

PARÀ is a Family Company that has reached and exceeded the prestigious milestone of 100 years in business. Founded in 1921 for three generations it has been producing textiles with outstanding aesthetic and technical qualities used for sun protection, indoor and outdoor furnishing accessories, and marine.

With its hallmark Italian style, the PARÀ is present in more than 100 countries around the World, either directly or through distributors.

PARÀ has won a reputation in the market as a manufacturer of high quality textiles, strictly “Made in Italy”, with close monitoring of the entire production cycle, vertically integrated from spinning to the weaving stages, from printing and dyeing, and coating through to finishing.

The TEMPOTEST® brand is recognized and noted in the prestigious Italian Historic Trademarks Register, established by the Ministry of Economic Development. The register was created to acknowledge excellent production companies historically linked to the Italian territory and which exclusively includes trademarks registered for at least fifty years.

Quality, style, service and constant investments in communication and marketing, make the company a reference point in markets throughout the world.

Our History

It was 1921 when Mario Parravicini put his great entrepreneurial instinct to good use and created the company EMME-PI based in Seregno, beginning a
centenary of history. Initially involved in the production of fabrics for mattresses, the company developed through many intermediate stages, without losing its textile and industrial nature. This growth allowed the accumulation of vital experiences over the years, which are nowadays a real treasure.

In the 50s the company dedicated itself to the production of paper fabrics used to cover cars'seats, riding in this way the strong expansion wave of the car industry since cars were becoming a good for everybody. It was in the early '60s that the company entered into the world of sun protection and upholstery, with heavy cotton fabrics, used both for awnings, parasols and interior decoration. These were the years of economic recovery and the company was subjected to a constant and impressive growth, becoming a real industry.

The essential stage was in 1964 when the Italian chemical giant Montecatini (then passed under the control of Montedison and today existing under the name Montefibre), gave to the company the TEMPOTEST trademark and the use of the solution dyed acrylic fibre made exactly for outdoor living. The TEMPOTEST fabric for sun protection starts so its ride to fame and led the company to be an absolute leader at worldwide level.

Since 2000, the  extraordinary performance of TEMPOTEST fabrics and the textile skills gained in the upholstery field, are being used also in the garden furniture and marine fields: as a consequence the two specialized lines Tempotest Home Tempotest Marine were created.

PARÀ has always set high sustainability targets which it achieves through continuous investment in R&D. In 2021 Parà has introduced to the market TEMPOTEST® STARLIGHT blue, the world’s first GRS-certified collection of awning fabrics made from recycled PET, is the result of years of research into “FABRICS FOR FUTURE”.

Nowadays the company is managed by the firm hand of Ambrogio Parravicini, Mario's son, together with the third generation made up of Michele, Matteo and Marco, firmly engaged in the company for over a decade.