Solution dyed fabrics of the Tempotest lines offer an exceptional combination of strength and functionality. The Tempotest fabrics are studied with the idea and the intention to be strong, durable and resistant but not only. The finishings that make them waterproof improve the already high performances and thanks to the treatment with nanometrical technologies they result to be stain resistant, easy to clean and require a minimal maintenance (but constant).

Because of air pollution, smog or other kind of particles may be deposited on fabric Tempotest: the dirt of this nature can be removed by simple brushing the surface of the fabric with a soft brush using simple a solution of water and soap (60 ml in 4 lt. of water not hotter than 40°C).

After brushing, rinse thoroughly to remove the soap completely.Avoid formation of water bags and let the fabric dry in the open air before rewind.If substances like tree resin or similar where mould can grove are deposited on the fabric, it is advisable to treat the fabric gently rubbing the interested area with a solution of bleach diluted in water.
Do not iron the fabric Tempotest with steam and do not dry by using electrical devices.During the winter season it is advisable to store the fabric in a dry and ventilated environment.In coated fabric, a bad maintenance could compromise the waterproofing.Over time to compensate the natural loos of water repellency it is advisable to use the spray T202 available at best retailer.


It is always advisable to take action soon on stains to avoid long contact that would allow the substance to penetrate into the fibres, so making it more difficult to spot-clean.

Tempotest Home® with PFAS FREE water-repellent finishing can be dry-cleaned or washed in a washing machine with a gentle 30°C cycle, with soft detergent, low speed spin dry, then air dry. Do not use a tumble dryer. If required, dry-iron with a maximum temperature of 110°C. 

Greasy stains (oil, mayonnaise, etc.) on Tempotest Home® fabric should be dry cleaned immediately. To remove a single stain, after dabbing and removing the greasy substance, a solvent-based product can be used according to the manufacturer's instructions (commercially available trichloroethylene or solvent-based foam).

If substances like tree resin or similar (where mould can grow) are deposited on the fabric, it is advisable to treat Tempotest Home® fabric by gently rubbing the affected area with a solution of bleach containing sodium hypochlorite – not gentle bleach - diluted 1 part bleach to 4 parts water. 

After this treatment, it is always necessary to rinse the fabric thoroughly and then let it dry in the shade to avoid any yellowing effect.

Parà cannot be responsible for fabrics problems coming from washings that has not followed the above mentioned washing instructions.