Respect for the planet

We are responsible, in respect of current and future generations, for the impact of our activities on the environment. The respect for the environment must be one of the central principles in the definition of the industrial and commercial decision and individual behaviour. Therefore our commitment must be reflected in the preservation of our natural resource, through energy saving and the limitation of negative impacts of our activities on the planet, especially on the climate.



For greater environmental protection in the territory and the entire planet, Parà has invested in a modern cogeneration plant in order to auto-generate in a combined manner both electric and thermal energy, using three eight-cycle endothermic engines powered by methane gas. Cogeneration is used in order to recover by-product hot water or steam from manufacturing processes and/or fumes produced by primary engines running on a fossil fuels such as methane gas or biomass.
This leads to considerable energy savings when compared to separate production of electric energy (generated by electric power stations) and thermal energy (generated by traditional thermal engines). This helps to protect not just the local environment but that of the whole planet.


Environmental respect and protection have always been cornerstones of Parà company operations. The company is therefore very proud of its cutting-edge waste water treatment plant in Pontirolo Nuovo (Bergamo). This is a single-stage biological plant with a large settling pond which comprehensively covers the various stages of purification, including treatment of nitrogen-based compounds and drainage of sludge. The plant treats 2000 cubic metres of water per day and achieves a 94% water yield.


The relations between Para' and the sun is not only contrast . In fact, over the roofs of the company plant in Pontirolo Nuovo and Sovico have been placed more than 20.000 m2 of photovoltaic solar panels of ultimate genaration able to produce about 1.000 kw/h of clean renewable energy.
An important investment made in view of being "a sustainable company". The responsibility towards the planet has always been part of the Para's philosophy.