Parà is engaged in a process of implementation of quality, environmental protection, and health and safety across the company.

The inspiring philosophy is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the integrated system of company management, keeping updated, co-ordinating and checking all processes without forgetting our respect for people and the environment.


To help protect the environment, Tempotest has received the ÖKO TEX STANDARD 100 certification mark. A fabric Tempotest certified ÖKO TEX means that it does not contain any harmful products and is in harmony with the environment.


The formaldehyde is a volatile organic substance, used in many textile production processes in watery solution, especially in the finishing process of the fabric.
The permanence of this type of fabric in closed and not ventilated places may cause some inconvenience to people. Although all Parà's products are in line with what provided by Oeko test Standard 100 that is having a formaldehyde content </=300 ppm, Parà wanted to further reduce the  formaldehyde content on its fabrics to levels much lower than the previous ones, keeping however unchanged the features of the fabric such as the hand and the characteristics of repellency and water resistance.


From 1st June 2007 entered into force the REACH Regulation (CE) n. 1907/2006 from European Parliament.
The Regulation provides the individualization of substances considered harmful to the human health and the environment, that are listed in the "Candidate list": all products placed on the market cannot contain more than 0,1% by weight of such substances, otherwise it must be clearly indicated to the consumer the presence of such substance.

All products of Tempotest  and Tempotest Star collection comply with the regulation Reach do not contain the substances now listed in the Candidate list in a quantity higher than 0,1% by weight.
Parà ensures continuous attention to the updating of the chemical substances of the Candidate List that allow to intervene very quickly in case is indicated a substance used by our supplier for the production of the raw materials supplied to us.
These substances would be immediately replaced.
The choice of authoritative suppliers has meant that to date this possibility has never occurred.