Vertical Production Cycle

Parà has over 90 years of experience in the textile industry, and we believe in the quality of our product that is checked and tested from the beginning to the end of the production process.
Our fully-vertical production cycle allows a very careful and strict quality control as all the activities are carried out under the careful supervision of Parà's experts, from spinning to weaving, printing to dyeing, coating to finishing, up to rolling and packaging.
The goal of Parà is to achieve excellence in terms of the quality of our products and service, in order to obtain the maximum satisfaction for our customers and for the final user. In order to support our quality philosophy, the company is certified UNI EN ISO 9001. 

Every day at Parà's production plants are spun over 15.000 kg. of yarn dedicated completely to our weaving plants.
Each department, assigned to individual processes inside these plants, is completely sealed so as to prevent yarns being contaminated by other coloured yarns or other agents.
The machineries of last generation and rigorously "made in Italy" guarantee a regular production respecting the environment with a considerable energy saving.


Once yarn cones are delivered to the factory in Pontirlo Nuovo (BG) and Vigliano (BI) they find hands of highly experienced employees, who create Parà's complicated design on the warping machines, combining thousand of threads. Afterwards air-jet looms of last technology "made in Europe" pass the weft from one side to the other with a speed that reaches 900 combs per minute.
The result is a regular fabric, fault free and of the highest quality.

A 24-colours printing machine, able to work on most kind of fabric is supported today by one of the most modern industrial digital printer in order to guarantee the best production with maximum desired flexibility. To complete the range of outdoor fabrics, Parà has been equipped with a coating machine which is able to give to the fabric special waterproofing features as required by the market.
Parà uses textile treatment processes that provide an assurance of quality. All the fabrics produced are subjected to various treatments to give the desired hand, structure and the characteristic technical features. To these finishing treatments follow strict tests carried out both with technological aids and manually since only the sensitivity of the eye and the human hand is able to find further rare imperfections.