Outdoor fabrics are one of the most popular products made by Parà, a leading manufacturer of awnings, garden furniture coverings, nautical curtains, regular and outdoor fabrics.
Since 1920 we have been offering our customers high quality products made with the best raw material. Our professional staff follows the entire operation from warpage to delivery. We also offer our clients the possibility to order bespoke items which can be perfectly matched with the decor of your home or commercial establishment.

Fabric for outdoors: an ideal solution for awnings

Parà is the leading manufacturer, supplier and seller of outdoor fabrics specific for awnings. Our products, very appreciated by our customers and throughout the industry due to their quality, stand out for their high resistance to weather conditions and sunlight.
The awnings are made with the best outdoor textiles, high-quality fabrics that are resistant to water, oils and dirt. Furthermore, the available 8-year warranty provides protection from the discoloration that usually occurs due to sun and adverse weather conditions.

Fabric for outdoors: awnings and garden furniture

Outdoor fabrics are also used for gazebos, as well chairs and sofas used in the garden or under a porch. Our line of fabrics and coatings is resistant to sun and atmospheric agents and at the same time it is able to maintain its aesthetic value for a long time.
Parà's rich catalogue also includes garden furniture, produced by this leading manufacturer of curtains and outdoor fabrics in 100% dyed acrylic. This production process it what makes products by Parà last so long.

Sale of outdoor fabrics

Parà is the leading distributor of outdoor fabrics and awnings. Our products are also perfect for those who own or manage commercial establishments that have an outside courtyard with garden furniture. Our products are in fact designed to cover outdoor furniture to protect it from both sun and rain.
Our competitive prices are in our clients' favour as they will have the certainty of buying a top quality product made by a historical brand in the industry, with over 200 types of textiles and fabrics at their disposal to choose from and a great range of patterns, all waterproof and resistant to the sun, and an eight year warranty against discoloration.
If you are looking for a point of reference in the market of outdoor fabrics, trust the professionalism of Parà. Contact us for more information or for a free quote, no strings attached.