Parà is a world leader in the production of outdoor fabrics. Our awnings and fabrics for garden furniture are known everywhere. Our company, active since 1920, believes in putting attention to every detail during the whole process, from the yarn to the printing, to the distribution along the various sales channels.

Production of outdoor fabrics: quality at your service
For three generations Parà has taken care of the production of fabrics and awnings. Our brand is now known and appreciated internationally for the quality of its processes and its products.
The production of outdoor fabrics for awnings, upholstery, and garden furniture fabrics, starts from the spinning and twisting plants. Our company uses modern and up-to-date machinery: we use the latest technology in the industry, including air jet looms which can obtain a large quantity of awnings and curtains, outdoor fabrics and outdoor upholstery fabric, all without defects and of the highest quality.
Parà then uses an exclusive machine, designed by our specialist, which calibrates, mixes and spreads the colours on the awnings and outdoor fabrics, which are then ready to be sold to customers and resellers.

Parà, your manufacturer of outdoor fabrics: bespoke solutions for your home

Professionalism and quality are the two hallmarks that set Parà apart and make it a great manufacturer for outdoor fabric and awnings. Since 1920 our company has always set itself the goal of offering its customers an exclusive product, which had to be functional and weather-resistant as well as long-lasting.
The spinning and twisting processes include all the operations necessary to obtain the yarn and provide it with the best characteristics of elasticity, strength, and purity. Printing and dyeing, on the other hand, differentiate the fabrics by colouring them and applying patterns. Over 200 models are available for you to choose from for your home and your garden, but also for your commercial establishment should this need awnings and upholstery for its outdoor area.
Awnings and outdoor fabrics are also produced and manufactured made to measure, in order to meet the most specific needs of our customers.

If you are looking for a manufacturer of outdoor fabrics and awnings, trust the professionalism of Parà, leader of the industry since 1920. Contact us for more information or for a free quote, no strings attached.